Double Single by 👅💦Komminuτέρας 👅💦music gang!
Within the context of The YEAR OF THE WOMEN* Queering the archive: magazine + archive
💕💕 at Schwules Museum Berlin (SMU) @schwulesmuseum
The use of the term women* is inclusive and embraces all inter*, trans* and non-binary bodies and desires.
Here you can dive into Komminuτέρας´sounds, texts, lyrics and videos (we suggest the use of good headphones or external loudspeakers)!!!

Komminuτέρας /ko.mĭ.nju.té.ras​​/ (they/them, plural) is a monstrous collage-word, das durch drei Tongues auf der Tanzfläche landet.
Komminuτέρας is a polylingual, polysomatic, poetic and from time to time blasphemous and luscious singing gang. Komminuτέρας investigates the (im)possible modalities through which music, rhythm, poiesis and movement destabilize and dismantle the patriarchal and nationalist structures that inhabit and instist within hegemonic national languages. With this project titled double single we foresee the release of our first music album in 2023 which dives in the sea of embodied liquid tongues.

Our starting point is the public statement made by Greece´s most popular national linguist in an interview on greek television in 2020. In this interview, he equates language with national history, identity, value, capital, thought and culture. These words solidify the common ground of national and dominant greek discourse, which could also apply to institutional linguistic operations in any other national language. This ideology excludes all somatic and fluid elements from language. Komminuτέρας questions the exclusion of the embodied aspects of language. In doing so, we embrace and cuddle with the rejected oralingual abject.

We create a glossic aural landscape in which the fluidity of our tongues manifests the perpetual, transformative bodily and oralsonic movement of languages. The sound pieces include words from Greek, Dutch, German and English; languages which transverse and shape Kominuτέρας´ daily experience. The double single project is a smooth blink and a starting tactile tracing of our crushing tongues.

The music gang Komminuτέρας is the first tentacle of the collective project WordMord.​​​​​​​
It emerged during the preparation for the workshop titled "WordComminutes. A workshop on crashing language" that took place at Eight / Το Οχτώ, critical institute for arts and politics in Athens in October 2021. Komminuτέρας are: Franck-Lee Alli-Tis, Christina Karagianni, Oýto Árognos.

WordMord is a keen and joyous interspecies unfurling its various tentacles deep in the sea of plural languages. WordMord means that words can kill. It poses questions on the relationship between language, technology, trauma and violence, undoing the separation of language from  body/affect/sexuality.
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We suggest the use of headphones or external speakers for a joyful listening experience.

🤞Stay tuned with us🤞in fiery excitement for our upcoming 🌊album🌊!!!!

WordMord is supported by NEUSTART KULTUR Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany